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Founder of an original coaching method, Geraldine Crevat has created tools accessible to all to reflect on notions of today’s world thanks to what we can learn from archaïc equivalents: ancient thoughts that shaped the organisation of our modern Western societies. 

Speaker and author of "Big Bang chez les Grecs" and "Super-héros en pyjama", Géraldine Crevat shares fundamental resources in her workshops to help improve self-awareness. 

Wendesday 24th April 2019
6:15 pm - 8:15 pm



Certified coach, member of the Professional Union of Coaching Trades, Géraldine Crevat proposes monthly workshops using useful tools […]

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Parole d'Experts are MACM events in collaboration with the CNES (National Chamber of Experts in Art and collectibles) - please note that the presentations are in French.

We are delighted to welcome Dominique Menard, expert in ancient marbles, who has specifically prepared for us a tour based on artefacts from the collection of the Mougins museum.

There is a place that has been blessed by the gods for millennia: the Aegean Sea. It is there that a unique crystalline substance appeared: the white marble 



White marble, a divine substance: a trail through a selection of artefacts at the Mougins museum dating from the 1st and 2nd century […]

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Victoria Ritchie, M.A. is an international spiritual counselor, astrologer and editor. A close and early personal student of Eckhart Tolle, she has edited his book A NEW EARTH and has been offering seminars on his teaching since 2002 both in California and Europe.


According to well-known spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle, the most important thing in the quest for awakening is what he calls ‘the […]

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Each month, Benedicte or Victoria tell a magical story (in French) from Egyptian or Graeco-Roman mythology. 


For "Christmas special" Les Mercredis de la Mythologie, we have brought together a beautiful Christmas tradition, our passion for mythology and our creative minds!

Come and join Victoria & Bénédicte on
Wednesday 19th December
11am - 12pm

The 12 labours of Hecules (in French)


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On the occasion of the Christmas market in the village of Mougins the MACM welcomes you at the Special Christmas rate of 5 € for all (children under 10 years are free). And to add to the magic of Christmas, children are invited to make their own Christmas decorations inspired by the museum collections in the MACM galleries!

During this festive weekend, many free activities will be offered throughout the village of Mougins!