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Do you fancy a short break before Christmas?

The MACM has teamed up with the National Chamber of Experts Specialising in Works of Art and Collections (CNES) to offer you a getaway that puts our beautiful region in the spotlight.

We have concocted a seasonal program for you for Saturday 4th & 5th November:

The MACM has teamed up with the National Chamber of Experts Specialising in Works of Art and Collections (CNES) to offer you a […]

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Prepare your scariest costume, dig out your torch, and above all.... don't be scared!

The museum will once again be plunged into darkness for a special Halloween visit!

A memorable experience to share with family & […]

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We are delighted to announce the programme of our next three rendez-vous - please note that the conferences are in French.

As places are limited, thank you for reserving in advance on 00 33 (0) 4 93 75 18 22 or

The Mercredis@MACM are monthly conferences to which we invite speakers to share with us on themes attractive to all. Always in a convivial atmosphere, the presentations take place in the Egyptian crypt and are followed by a drinks reception.


Price: 10 € and 8 € for the Friends of the MACM


Heritage and creations are allies.

Jean-Jacques Aillagon, former minister @aillagon

Some imagine that the interests of heritage and those of creation are very different and that it would be up to any educated person to make a choice between one and the other. This vision of culture is sterile. It is inherent to any creation to become heritage. Heritage originates from an act of creation. Heritage and creation know how to dialogue, question one another and support each other. It is this conviction that has gone through the entire professional life of Jean-Jacques Aillagon.



Behind-the-scenes of a museum: the work of restoration on glass and ceramics

Magali Asquier-Dupont, restorer […]

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Take advantage of your visit to initiate you to the 3D technology in museums!



Archiving, preserving, researching, restoring, reproducing, making accessible...

The capture of archaeological objects and of works of art in 3D opens museums up to new ways of engaging with their audiences.



You will discover how easy it is to scan an object, handle MACM artefeacts printed in 3D and find out about how all of this […]

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The art of ancient Greece and Rome is not just a thing of the past, it also exists in the present day...

The launch event of this project will take place at King's College London on Friday 10th November. 

Sign up here to take part:



During the 2017–2018 academic year, King’s College London is hosting a range of events exploring contemporary responses to classical […]

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Did you know that in 8 BC, the Emperor Augustus added a day to the month that bears his name, August, so that it would have as many days as the month that bears the name of Julius Caesar, July?!

During the month of August, you can learn about Roman art through a thematic tour of the museum collection with Belinda


After the […]