An exhibition by Johan Van Mullem
At MACM from 16th November 2018 to 17th March 2019

A blue planet donned with a celestial vault and watered by the oceans. 
A blue museum. 
A blue jewel box. 
A timeless initiation through […]

An exhibition by Léo Caillard
at MACM from 16th March to 27th May 2018

"Whether we look at it from a scientific or philosophical point of view, this question continues to elude us because it is the […]

The FRAC comes to Mougins for a unique exhibition ICI & MAINTENANT!
Over 50 artworks by contemporary artists are exhibited in an array of 14 different locations throughout the old village of Mougins.
The MACM is delighted to welcome "LOUVRE REVISITÉ" – works by Marie Ducaté and Christian Milovanoff.

The exhibition ICI & MAINTENANT! is a collaboration between the FRAC, the town of Mougins, and the economic actors of the village […]

Mougins Monumental 2016 - An open air sculpture exhibition

Life size and monumental art on display throughout the winding streets, squares and gardens of the picturesque village of Mougins for this second edition.

Sculptures by contemporary artists, Ben, Max Cartier, Béatrice de Domenico, Folon, Lalanne, Davide Rivalta and Serge Van de Put […]


An exhibition of the Levett Bestiary, ancient statuettes and sculptures depicting animals and their role in antiquity.

Download the press release here


Animals have always held a privileged role in humankind’s history. Hunted, domesticated, admired and revered from prehistoric times […]