The largest private collection of ancient armour and helmets in the world

Perhaps more than any other artefact, the historical interest of this extraordinary assemblage of Greek war helmets and armour – Chalcidian, Corinthian, Illyrian, Phrygian, and Pilos – is unparalleled: soldiers lived, fought, and died in this equipment, and much of it bears the scars of battle from some of the greatest military campaigns in history.

This sits alongside a head of the greatest military leader of all time: 

Alexander the Great, and a range of military themed art, including vases, wall-paintings; intermingled with more recent artworks depicting military subjects, such as Achille Sulle Sponde del Mare Egeo by Giorgio de Chirico and Alexander the Great by Frederick van Valkenborch.


A Selection of Helmets and Armour from our Collection