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The Greek gods had their good share of fun and they still keep us entertained today!

Under the watchful eye of Zeus, this group of gods and goddesses don't seem to ever get bored!  Did the gods of Greek mythology understand long before we did that the time that goes by is time to be enjoyed? Just like us, they fall in love, argue, play tricks on each others, keep their eyes and ears open...their feelings and reactions are so similar to our own that we sometimes recognise the behaviours of neighbours, cousins or friends in them!

Geraldine Crevat is passionate about Greek Antiquity and has a real talent for sharing her knowledge of the Ancient world and its gods and heroes. 

Do you also ove mythology and want to discover all the secrets of the Olympian divinities?

We look forward to seeing you at the MACM on the following dates (please note that these events are in French):

THURSDAY 24TH AUGUST 9h30-11h : 

SATURDAY 26TH AUGUST 9h30-11h : 


Admission fees:
Adults: 18€
Children (10 years-old and over): 12€
Admission to the museum is included. Your ticket is valid all day.

Friends of the MACM benefit from a reduced rate:
Adults: 13€
Children (10 years-old and over): 9€

Advance booking necessary:
+33(0)493751822 / +33(0)633605317
Or directly from the museum website using the "Book online" tab

**Your entrance tickets are valid all day**

You would like to organise an event just for you and your family / friends (in French)?
Don't hesitate to contact Bénédicte on or +33(0)633605317

And on Thursdays at 6pm, sessions for adults only.
Please find our programme of events HERE.