European Archaeology Days

Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th June

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Archaeology comes to life!

The MACM combines contemporary dance, video and games to bring archaeology to life on 17 & 18 June.

During this fabulous journey through ancient and contemporary worlds, experience History between past and present, between thousand-year-old cultures and ephemeral art.

Our program

Living Sculptures

*ONLY on Saturday 17 June at 11am and 3pm

Don't forget to book for this special event!

Through danse, venture back in time to encounter a Greek warrior, a magical Nymph, and an Egyptian mommy !

Performances and choreography by SPARKLES, directed by Bénédicte PERLO.

Interviews with Experts

All weekend

Discover jobs in archaeology through interviews with archaeologists, researchers and students.

Experience digs, scientists working in the lab and researchers handling MACM artefacts on our tactile screens.

Preferential rate for all: 5€
Free admission is granted to children under 10 & to the following members of the public upon presentation of a valid card: Friends of the MACM, disabled visitors, journalists, teachers, professional guides, ICOM members

You can book your ticket in advance by clicking on the tab "Book online now!" of our website and select the option
"Les Journées Européennes de L'archéologie".