An exhibition of drawings at the MACM from 20th January to 2nd April 2023

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From academic studies of perspective & proportion drawn on sheets of paper at the school of fine arts; to furtive portraits captured in a drawing book in a lively bistro in Montmartre; to scenes & landscapes “noted” in a pocket sketchbook as a visual reminder for the work that will be produced once back in the studio; to the curves of the model carefully observed & outlined on paper by the artist from behind his easel, these drawings immortalise & recount moments of life.

This exhibition reunites the draughtsmanship of 23 artists. Through their nudes & portraits, one can delve into the individual styles & methods that define & differentiate each of them via the freedom of expression which transpires in the art of drawing... a pure, & poetic gesture.

Louise BOURGEOIS • Cecily BROWN • Paul CÉZANNE • Marc CHAGALL • Henri-Edmond CROSS • Elaine DE KOONING • Edgar DEGAS • Paul DELVAUX • André DERAIN • Raoul DUFY • Paul GAUGUIN • Alberto GIACOMETTI • Françoise GILOT • Julio GONZALEZ • Gustave KLIMT • Lee KRASNER • Dora MAAR • Henri MATISSE • Mercedes MATTER • Amedeo MODIGLIANI • Henry MOORE • Pablo PICASSO • Vincent VAN GOGH

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