« Visiting Pompeii » – Claudio Sabatino into the footsteps of Gustave Flaubert

Extended until 15th September 2021

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To mark the bicentenary of Gustave Flaubert's birth, the Department of the Seine Maritime is presenting in Jumièges Abbey a photographic exhibition that the contemporary Italian artist Claudio Sabatino has been creating since 2001 on Flaubert and his travels.

This echoes Gustave Flaubert's Voyage en Orient (Journey to the East), in which the author devotes several pages to his visit to Pompeii in 1851, a century after the site was discovered (1748).

The MACM is delighted to contribute to this exhibition with the loan of five photographs (albumen prints) by Giorgio Sommer taken in Pompeii in the 1860s-70s:

Panoramic view of Pompeii, c. 1865 (MMoCA163MA)
Bakery of Numerius Popidus Priscus, c.1865 (MMoCA165MA)
Temple of Isis, c.1865 (MMoCA166MA)
Amphitheatre, c.1870 (MMoCA168MA)
Basilica, c.1870 (MMoCA169MA)