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The Classical Now!

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What is it about Greek and Roman art that still captivates the modern imagination? How can contemporary art help us to see the classical legacy with new eyes? And what can such modern-day responses – set against the backdrop of others over the last two millennia – tell us about our own cultural preoccupations in the twenty-first century?

Presented in partnership with the MACM and comprising no less than 19 objects from the Mougins Museum collection, The Classical Now is a major exhibition at King’s College London. Staged across two spaces, the newly renovated Arcade of Bush House, and the Inigo Rooms in Somerset House East Wing, the exhibition features classical, modern and contemporary works. Through the pairing of modern and contemporary art with classical Greek and Roman antiquities (a well-know concept at the MACM!), The Classical Now explores the ways in which Graeco-Roman art has captured and permeated the modern imagination.