Season 2016/17

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Programme 2016/2017

Wednesday 14th June

In this month when music is celebrated throughout the world, Christophe Corbier, Musicologist (CNRS - EHESS - Paris) will conclude our Mercredis@MACM series with a presentation that will justapose music to the ancient and modern MACM collection.

Previous events: 

Wednesday 12th October
'An evening with Marie Ducaté'

Trained as a painter at the Ecole supérieure d'art of Aix-en-Provence, Marie Ducaté experiments with different techniques and materials (ceramics, terra-cotta, blown glass, wood, paper, etc.). With her Nu dans un Cercle Marie Ducaté will transport us into her colourful, sensual, and poetic world.

Wednesday 9th November

'An evening with Christian Milovanoff'

Photographer Christian Milovanoff gives centre stage to enclosed spaces such as supermarkets, offices and museums. With The Louvre Revisited the artitst's eye invites us to cosider the subject of his photogrqphy from another angle.

Wednesday 7th December and Wednesday 14th December due to popular demand

'Tutankhamun: the enigma'

We are delighted to welcome back Maryse Imbert, Graduate in Egyptology from the Ecole du Louvre and President of the association of the Friends of the MACM for an evening on the theme of the mysteries that surround the young pharaoh.

Wednesday 11th January

‘A plateful of art’

Two-Michelin-Starred Executive Chef at La Palme d’Or in Cannes, Christian Sinicropi is also passionate about art and philosophy…

Wednesday 8th February

'Love in Greek mythology'

We have the pleasure to welcome back Geraldine Crevat who will offer us a reflection on love based on the great characters of the ancient myths.

Wednesday 8th March 

"Sculpture and Chagallian Confluences"

Johanne Lindskog, Conservator at Musée National Marc Chagall, Nice 

Wednesday 12th April

Manuel Moliner, Conservator in Chief, responsible for the archeological repository in Marseille, will share with us the tale of one of his most extraordinary finds: 'The early Christian Basilica of the rue Malaval in Marseille, an exceptionnal discovery of early Chrstian times in Marseille and the Mediterranean'

Wednesday 10th May 

'The banquet'

Gilles Deckert will come especially from the Museum of Mediterranean Archeology in Marseille where a few MACM objets are currently exhibited for the stunning temporary exhibition: 'Le banquet de Marseille à Rome, plaisirs et jeux de pouvoir'.