Espace de l'Art Concret, Mouans-Sartoux - Lignes de Force

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1. Egyptian Sarcophagus Wood Polychrome Faucon

Ancient inscriptions to the most contemporary forms through the medieval use of phylacteries, artists have integrated early language to their production in order to certify the conceptual dimension. In the context of the vanguards of the years 1960-1970, a movement developed on the grounds of a clearly defined as "conceptual" art and giving in writing, to the word and the text a major part, if not tautological.

The exhibition will feature mainly from the Albers-Honegger collection artists who occasionally or permanently, are using the writing system, be it text, word, literally, of the sign or calligraphy, with or without message to abstraction.

These artists remind us a sign, it brings or not a write, is above all an element of communication between people. The use of the sign by the artists therefore questions the meaning to the artwork. Would it be art language, that is to say the representation of meaning? What type of communication the work she creates?

This is the definition, the essence of art is at stake in this identification of art with language. Art can it be defined as a class of the same language and appreciated as what gives meaning and significance to human life, or should we say that the work has no meaning, if n is the multiplicity of meaning that freely gives it its creator and his fans?

Art, a language for thinking ...