DORIC by Sean Scully

12 July - 29 September 2013 @ MACM

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‘Doric’ has developed from his experiences of Greek temples, their natural setting, and a fascination with the principles of the Doric order of architecture; as well as Mayan temples in Mexico. A recent artistic current is visible in the present exhibition. This derives from the natural colours that surround his studio in the Bavarian countryside. Essentially, the paintings here ‘are informed by forces outside the studio that represent the sensations of landscape superimposed onto timeless architectural form.’

The exhibition is installed on the ground floor of the Musée d’Art Classique de Mougins.  The unique concept of this museum that juxtaposes antiquities from ancient Egypt, Greece & Rome with neo-classical, modern & contemporary art is a perfect environment for these abstract works that are classically inspired.

Curated by Leisa Paoli