MACM Wins Foremost Cultural Award

Ken d'Or 2012

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This a novel cultural award bestowed upon galleries, museums and other artistic & touristic institutions in France.

This is an achievement that we are especially proud of, because we are in fact joint winners with the most revered museum in France – The Louvre!

Following this recognition, the mayor of Mougins Dr Richard Gally presented the owner of the MACM, Christian Levett, with the Medal of the City of Mougins, an award only presented twice before him: the first time to Roger Vergé, from the Moulins de Mougins restaurant who contributed to Mougins worldwide culinary notoriety, the second time to Roger Duhalde, former Mayor of Mougins for 24 years, and at last, Mr Levett, who highly contributed to the city’s artistic notoriety through the entire world.

Our sincere thanks go out to Evelyne Lehalle, of the Nouveau Tourism Culturel blog, for this encouraging recognition.